Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Week of Being Featured

Wow, this week was interesting, 3 different sites featured me with three different pots in three days. I received convos on etsy from 3 different people telling me about them featuring my wares.

The first one was saying I was featured on their front page in somebody's wish list. I wish i had grabbed a screen shot of the page but it didn't occur to me til the next day when I was no longer featured but if you go here you can see the pot that was featured.

The second site to send me a convo was the FoundHandmade blog. I haven't found a way to permalink to the entry but it is the entry on 'Perfect Triangles.' Here is a partial screen shot of my feature piece, its the sage green triangle shape bowl:

And finally I received a convo from the owner of Innocence Jewellery Design blog telling me I was part of her featured etsy sellers with my purple serving plate set. She had asked in the etsy forums for people to show her their purple items from their shop for potential inclusion to her blog.

I'd like to thank all three sites and their owners for featuring me and my work, it is so cool to see your own work being appreciated.

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Loke said...

good for u!