Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Meandering Back to My Own Blog

So its been about 2+ years since my last post. I'm a very neglectful blogger. So what have I been doing in these undocumented years? I've been doing more shows, making more pots, making some mosaics, rediscovered drawing with charcoal and a few other things. I'm still attempting to sell on etsy and finally surpassed 100 sales. I tried a few other venues with lackluster results matter a fact I just sold my first item on zibbet and it only took me a year and 8 months. Will I be a more attentive blogger in the future?...time will tell.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snagged an Etsy Treasury

I haven't snagged a treasury in forever but I got one today. If you'd like to give a look see it features Christmas in Florida. It'll only be live for a few days then its gone.

I'm also in someone else's treasury with my mosaic ornament, its a Fest Team Treasury. Thanks lazydayz.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A New Squidoo Lens

Some of you might know I make some lenses on Squidoo. Most of them are clay or pottery related. I just made a new lens on packing pottery for successful shipping. So please give it a look see if you want to know how I pack my breakable creations or want some advice on how to pack your fragile items(great to know as Christmas approaches): Shipping Pottery on Squidoo.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Show

This weekend I gave shows another try, finally one not a disaster. This time it was a one day indoor show. I got a 6' table space. I arrived and checked in, only to be told I was in the 'back room', now to me the words 'back room' are omminous, the back room at any show is never a great place to be for sales but there i was. I brought my Christmas table cover and lots of stuff. The day started out slow people come and look, give nice words but no purchases, lots of dead time between customer to get to know my fellow vendors(all 5 of us in the 'back room'). I started to lose heart...noon came and went...no sales. 12:30pm a past customer arrives spots a bowl she likes and snags it, yippee a sale. She tipped the tide and more sales followed. So the show went ok.

I'd do the show again but only if I am not in the 'back room'

First Bowl that Sold at This Show
A funny observation:

Parents with children would stop in the doorway and kinda cringe at the array of sellers in the 'back room' and pull their kids closer...of us 5 three of us were me the potter, a stained glass artist, and a glass wine goblet seller. Not child friendly wares at all.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brrr from Florida

Florida's first cold weekend. It went from the 90's to the 40's and 50's over night. Brrr its a bit chilly for this Florida native. But hopefully this finally signals the start of fall. Soon it will be time to drag everything out of the studio and give it a good cleaning and reorganizing...its too hot and rainy to do it during the other season. Also cooler weather means more mosaic work as I only mosaic during the cooler months as I work outside when I work with concrete. I do love fall in florida.

Monday, October 5, 2009

In Everyones Life a Little Dog Pee Must Fall...

I don't know if this past show was the worse I've ever done or that one in August was. This show I did make a sale...a single small sale...and it wasn't quite as hot...and I didn't have as far to carry my pots to my booth site but instead of rained on like the last one my booth was peed on...by 3 different dogs...right on my table covers. I don't quite get it how you don't notice your dog with its leg lifted on someones lovely table covers and I don't quite understand not offering to try to clean it or offering funds to help clean it. Mumbling 'oh sorry' and just walking away is kinda rude (yes I am talking to you with that leaky poodle). I was wanting to institute a 'If your dog pees on my booth you must buy a pot policy.' The vendor next to me kept shaking his head as each dog walked by. The event was to help a no kill shelter but with hardly any sales and puddling poodles the event for me was a 'wash out'

The organizers asked if I wanted to do another event...um no.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Show Flyer

Here is a thumb of the flyer for the show I am doing Saturday. If anybody is local to me stop by and say hi the show is in Englewood. I hope the show does well.