Monday, October 5, 2009

In Everyones Life a Little Dog Pee Must Fall...

I don't know if this past show was the worse I've ever done or that one in August was. This show I did make a sale...a single small sale...and it wasn't quite as hot...and I didn't have as far to carry my pots to my booth site but instead of rained on like the last one my booth was peed 3 different dogs...right on my table covers. I don't quite get it how you don't notice your dog with its leg lifted on someones lovely table covers and I don't quite understand not offering to try to clean it or offering funds to help clean it. Mumbling 'oh sorry' and just walking away is kinda rude (yes I am talking to you with that leaky poodle). I was wanting to institute a 'If your dog pees on my booth you must buy a pot policy.' The vendor next to me kept shaking his head as each dog walked by. The event was to help a no kill shelter but with hardly any sales and puddling poodles the event for me was a 'wash out'

The organizers asked if I wanted to do another no.

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